13 Tips for Living in Venice Beach, California

13 Tips for Living in Venice Beach, California

Are you thinking about moving to Venice Beach, California? You’ll no doubt want to bone up on some of the legendary Westside neighborhood’s most iconic attractions and offerings before making the jump.

There are so many incredible, kooky, and cultured things to see and do in the Venice Beach area that confining ourselves to a baker’s dozen was a challenging task, but we’re confident that these 13 ideas will be enough to keep you busy for a while.


Moving to Venice Beach

Venice Beach is a vibrant, inclusive community that welcomes one and all. Still, it’s always wise to know what you’re getting into any time you’re planning a big move.


Research the Climate

Though Venice Beach is in California, it can be a little cooler than other parts of the state. For most people, this is a non-issue. The climate is still very temperate and lovely, with warm weather and mild winters. Even so, it’s good to do some research ahead of time so you don’t arrive in full tropical attire during the annual two weeks of cold weather. 

The hottest month is September, and the average temperature is about 77°. The coolest month, December, has an average high of about 64°. You can expect winter to have the rainiest months with an average of 3.23” in February.


Get Ready for the Social Scene

Venice Beach is a thriving community with a huge social aspect. It’s easy to take part in any activities the city has to offer. Whether you have interests in the beach, gyms, restaurants, or roller skating parks, you can be sure to find your people. 

There are even plentiful social and adventure-driven clubs in and around Venice Beach and the Santa Monica area, like Marina City Club, the California Yacht Club, or the 21 Toastmasters Club.

Venice Beach and its surrounding communities are friendly, enthusiastic, and ready to welcome you. 


Consider How You’re Going to Get Around

If you’ve got your own vehicle, you’re all set. If not, you’ll be pleased to know that Venice Beach has an excellent public transit system and is extremely cyclist and pedestrian-friendly to boot. Most home communities are a short walk or even shorter ride from supermarkets, shops, restaurants, bars, museums, art galleries, and other establishments.


Check Out the Gym Scene

A new exercise routine can be hard to find when switching cities. Luckily, Venice Beach is more exercise-friendly than most. 

Its world-renowned “Muscle Beach” is the outdoor fitness mecca that ignited the bodybuilding craze of the 1950s and 60s. The park’s amenities include an open-air weightlifting gym and a sand-carpeted playground interspersed with gymnastics rings, climbing ropes, and acrobatics bars.

Muscle Beach has been home to some of the most well-known bodybuilders and film stars, including Lou Ferrigno, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Franco Columbu, and Frank Zane.

Open seven days a week; you can get everything from a day pass to a yearly membership and workout to your heart’s content.


Research Area Schools

Moving means significant changes not just for parents but for the kids, as well. Fortunately, the public schools in Venice Beach come highly-rated and well-reviewed, with students that perform well above the national average. For example, the population at the Venice High School exceeds national expectations, with an overall score of 66.4% on state-required exams! 


Work With a Qualified Local Realtor

Venice is one of the most happening spots in all of California. Finding a residence here can therefore be challenging; finding one without help is next to impossible. Fortunately, seasoned realtors have the know-how to get you situated. Fisher Real Estate serves clients all over Westside and South Bay, and we’re always eager to help you find your dream home.


Unleash Your Inner Foodie

Like many trendy Californian cities, Venice Beach has an abundance of restaurants with excellent food. It would be a crime not to test the neighborhood’s many standout eateries, which offer just about every type of cuisine imaginable. The same goes for sampling an iced coffee or chai latte to go from a local-approved café like Groundwork Coffee Co. or Menotti’s by the Boardwalk.


Prepare to Be a Tourist

You’re not going to know everything about the city you’re moving to, but you’ll definitely want to get to know it better once you’re there. Plan to check out the Abbot Kinney Boulevard, named for tobacco mogul Abbot Kinney, who founded Venice back in 1905. You can also set aside time to visit Venice Beach’s system of canals inspired by those in its namesake city, Venice, Italy. 


Find a New Watering Hole

Nothing makes a place feel more like home than finding yourself a habitual hangout. Venice Ale House is a popular one, having been serving up locally-brewed craft beer and fresh, sustainable, farm-to-table fare for over a decade now. This boardwalk-adjacent favorite is the perfect place to stop off for a nightcap, have a late dinner, or simply chill for a while and soak up the good vibes flowing all around.

You can also check out Beach & Brew for a self-pour taproom with 40 beers and wines or The Lincoln for some great live music.


Consider Buying a Skateboard

Venice Beach is the birthplace of skateboarding, and the Venice Beach Skatepark stands as a monument both to the sport’s humble beginnings and its bright future. The 16,000 square foot island of ramps, rails, and bowls is one of the only beachfront skateparks in the world and can provide countless hours of free entertainment for skaters and spectators alike. If this appeals to the shredder in you, consider joining the community.


Get Used to the Beach

Venice boasts nearly 3 miles of beautiful coastline! Obviously, the miles of golden sand and 238 acres of beach are a massive part of the Venice Beach neighborhood. If you’re moving from somewhere more inland, take the time to explore and get used to all things beachy. It’ll help you feel like you’re more at home, so you can begin to really call the place your own.


Partake in Venice Beach Activities

Joining in on the fun is what’ll help you become a local. With that in mind, check out what activities are happening in Venice Beach and give them a try. From roller skating down the boardwalk to sunset yoga, there’s plenty to fill your days. Plus, it’s a great way to meet new people and settle into your new surroundings.


Download Specific Venice Beach Apps

Using a mobile app specific to Venice Beach will help you get familiar with local businesses and incorporate them into your new life. For instance, head to your phone’s app store and download YA’s Fitness Centers app or the Venice Boardwalk app to get you into a yoga routine or help you find fun things to do along the beach.


What to Do at Venice Beach

So, what to do in Venice Beach, CA? Well, one of the biggest perks of living there is the beach itself, a free-spirited wonderland filled with countless curiosities. There’s no shortage of fun to be had here, with activities like surfing, swimming, sunbathing, bike riding, beach volleyball, and yoga being among the most popular pastimes. 

The Venice Beach Boardwalk, Southern California’s second most-visited destination, stretches over two miles along the Pacific coast. You’ll encounter something to delight your senses at nearly every inch of the palm tree-studded walkway: street performers, art installations, hip boutiques, and rotating food vendors peddling everything from tacos to takoyaki.


Ready to Call Venice Beach Home?

Living in Venice Beach is like living in a daydream. If you attempt to navigate the ever-shifting real estate market unprepared and on your own, however, you may be in for a rude awakening.

Let Fisher Real Estate be your guide. We’re passionate about helping people find their perfect homes, not just in Venice but throughout Southern California. Get in touch today and discover for yourself the places we can go together.

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