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"I provide added value to my clients by helping them define their goals, protect their interests and meeting—if not exceeding—their expectations."

Charles Fisher

Why work with Fisher Real Estate

Specializing in properties throughout the Westside and the South Bay, Realtor Charles Fisher has worked in the real estate industry for more than 14 years and is affiliated with RE/MAX Estate Properties.

Fisher Real Estate – Why Work With Us section
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A One-on-One Tailored Approach

Focused on protecting your interests and catering to your needs with a customized and careful approach to pricing, marketing and negotiation.

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A Transparent Methodology

Transparent communication with our clients about all details related to the transaction with their best interest in mind.

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A Commitment to Exceptional Quality

Committed to working within your goals while leveraging our top vendor relationships to ensure we showcase your property in the best light possible.

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Be Local, Think Global

Leveraging our local connections and the RE/ MAX network to link your property with agents nationally and internationally.

Instant Home Valuation

As one of the largest assets you can own, I understand the curiosity of knowing your property’s current market value. I have provided this estimator specifically for that reason whether you are looking to sell or not and hope you find it of value.

Instant Home Valuation

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