Living in Los Angeles: 11 Hidden Gems You Should Know About

For anyone already living in or thinking about moving to the City of Angels, the first step to learning what it is like to live in Los Angeles is to know about fantastic hidden gems. Whether you’re tired of your usual dinner spot or want to discover something new that your new city has to offer, these 11 hidden gems in Los Angeles, California, will keep you on your toes.

To learn more about these one-of-a-kind lesser-known marvels of LA before making your big California move, continue reading below.


1. The Museum of Neon Art

The first hidden gem that Los Angeles has to offer is the Museum of Neon Art. Also commonly referred to as the MONA, this museum makes a great family outing or the perfect date spot to take your significant other while living in LA. 

This museum offers electric and neon art exhibits going back to the 1960s and boasts educational opportunities using science and art to captivate its audiences.


2. Museum of Broken Relationships

The Museum of Broken Relationships is number two on our hidden gems list because it is one of the most unconventional museums that Los Angeles has to offer. Not only does it feature giant boxes of cassette mixtapes from romances past, but it also offers its visitors the opportunity to donate items of their own. 

If you have items left over from a nasty breakup that you just can’t wait to part with, consider bringing them to the Museum of Broken Relationships, located just off Hollywood Boulevard. Just make sure not to bring your current partner.


3. The Bronson Cave

If hiking is more your speed, take a walk up to the famed yet seldom visited Bronson Cave. This cave is part of Griffith Park and offers a winding and scenic trail leading to a series of caves. 

These caves are said to be the one’s 1960s-era Batman would emerge from in the classic films. It was also featured along with its views of Griffith Observatory in the movie Rebel Without a Cause starring James Dean.


4. Self-Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine

The number four spot on our list is the hidden gem of Los Angeles living is the Self-Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine. Known for being Gandhi’s final place of rest, this shrine features meditation gardens open to the public, temple Sundays with lectures and spiritual guests, a book room, and offers various retreats throughout the year.

Beloved by the spiritual community, few Angelenos realize that the Lake Shrine and the Fellowship Temple, founded by Paramahansa Yogananda in 1950, are open to all regardless of religious background. The grounds are a beautiful spot to take some time to yourself or enjoy a picnic with friends.


5. Me + Crepe

For a delicious new brunch or dinner spot that will have your mouth watering, try Me + Crepe. This restaurant has raving 5-star reviews, offering simple Chinese street food with vegetables, meat, and a crepe twist.

While Me + Crepe has become a beloved place to eat, it is a secret hidden gem in Los Angeles known by only a few select locals. Give them a try and fall in love with their unique and delicious menu items. There is no need to make a reservation since they offer conveniently speedy open seating.


6. Walt Disney’s Barn

Number six on our list of the best hidden gems that Los Angeles has to offer is Walt Disney’s Barn. Walt Disney, who founded the legendary Disney franchise and kingdom, decided to construct a barn in his backyard during the 1950s.

In this backyard, Walt Disney also built a model train railroad featured in a few early Disney classics. This backyard was home to the barn until it was relocated to Griffith Park, where it can now be visited once per month as a Disney-themed museum that showcases part of Walt Disney’s original model railroad.


7. Alpine Village

Created in 1968 in Los Angeles, Alpine Village is a hidden gem featuring the best of Bavaria on the California coast. Life in LA isn’t complete without visiting the best Oktoberfest parties in the state. Alpine Village offers food like award-winning meats and sausage, cheeses and dairy, and deliciously unique European sweets.

Alpine Village is a wonderful place for a romantic date or an adventurous family outing. With a quaint European aesthetic, walking around the village can transport you to a historic medieval town in the middle of bustling Torrance, California, just outside of LA.


8. Sunken City

Resting right on the Los Angeles coastline, this grouping of streets, concrete, broken home foundations, and even a damaged railroad line create an urban graveyard that is both eerie and beautiful. 

Number eight on our list, Sunken City, is a sight to behold. Created by a major landslide in 1929, this spot is technically off-limits to tourists but often visited by locals that aren’t turned off by some of the old remaining “no-trespassing” signs.


9. Museum of Jurassic Technology

The Museum of Jurassic Technology is owned by eccentric Angeleno David Wilson. With a rooftop garden, a courtyard, and a gift shop. Its exhibits, while equally as odd and eccentric as the museum’s owner, include the following:

  • The Napoleon Library
  • The Garden of Eden on Wheels: Collections from Los Angeles Area Mobile Parks
  • Floral Radiographs of Albert G Richards


10. Wayfarers Chapel

The 10th hidden gem on our Los Angeles list is the Wayfarers Chapel. This beautiful building was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright’s son, Lloyd Wright. It is a contemporary marvel made of glass that seems to defy the logic of physics. This interesting glass space is open to visitors on a limited basis and is also available for wedding ceremonies and parties.


 11. Tacos Los Palomos

The last Los Angeles hidden gem on our list is the delicious Tacos Los Palomos, located in Mission Hills, South Los Angeles, El Monte, and Torrance, California. They offer reasonable prices for fare, including Indigenous-syle meals like top al pastor, suadero, carne asada, vampiros, tacos, burritos, tripas, and toras.

You don’t need reservations for this lunch and dinner spot, but calling ahead can help you get your food even sooner.


Live and Play in LA

If our list of the 11 best things about Los Angeles has got you craving for an extended time in the city, contact Fisher Real Estate. Our knowledgeable team of passionate realtors can help you find a gem of a home to start your new life in the City of Angels.

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