Top 15 Things To Do in Long Beach, California

Whether you’re living the bachelor life or you’ve got a houseful of kids, Long Beach, California, is a fantastic place to live, work, and play. Perhaps one of the reasons why people who live close to the beach are 40% less likely to develop mental health disorders than their landlubber peers is because there are so many things to do in beachside cities. 

There’s truly something for everyone. If you’re thinking about joining us in sunny California, here are some potential additions to your activity docket. 


Things To Do in Long Beach with Kids

Families and kids in Long Beach, California, have various options for fun, family-friendly activities. Parents and kids alike will cherish times spent exploring Long Beach, especially if you stop by any of the following locales.


Aquarium of the Pacific

Long Beach’s resident aquarium has so much to offer, especially for curious minds. As the fourth most-visited aquarium in the United States, the Aquarium of the Pacific is sure to excite the minds in your family, both young and old. 

The aquarium boasts over 100 exhibits, and its sheer size makes the Aquarium of the Pacific an easy place to revisit again and again. This isn’t your average attraction: your kids will be entertained and awestruck every time they enter. 

Adult tickets are $36.95, child tickets are $26.95, and senior tickets are $33.95. Easily accessible from Shoreline Drive, you won’t want to miss it.


Rainbow Lagoon Park

If you and your kids enjoy an outdoor stroll, check out Rainbow Lagoon Park. The park’s layout and features embody a traditional Japanese style, and two islands are interconnected with bridges, allowing for ample exploration. Just east of the Aquarium of the Pacific, check out the park for an evening stroll along the waterfront or a picnic at sunset.

Admission is free to all.


Rosie’s Dog Beach

If your family includes a furry friend, Rosie’s Dog Beach will become a staple! Located on Ocean Boulevard between Granada Avenue and Roycroft Avenue, this four-acre beach has dedicated dog hours. Your pup can splash and explore off-leash every day from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm. 

While admission is free, visitors who arrive by car will have to use metered parking. 


El Dorado Nature Center

If your kids love the outdoors, check out El Dorado Nature Center, a 100+ acre oasis in the center of Long Beach. For just $6 per car on weekdays, check out the park’s trails and natural beauty.


Things To Do in Long Beach at Night

Here in Long Beach, we have a slate of nightlife opportunities for the nocturnal among us. While some of these activities are family-friendly, Long Beach has no shortage of things to do after bedtime. 


Belmont Brewing Company

Located just off East Ocean Boulevard, Belmont Brewing Company is the oldest brewpub in Los Angeles County. You don’t want to miss this local staple with an excellent atmosphere, tasty beers, and delicious pub plates.


Laugh Factory

You can’t talk about Long Beach nightlife without mentioning Laugh Factory. The Long Beach location opened in 2008 and is strictly no-kids. Guests must be 21 and up, and most events have a two-drink minimum. While ticket prices vary, most events are around $30 per person. You can find Laugh Factory on South Pine Avenue.


The Observation Bar at the Queen Mary

While The Queen Mary is a Long Beach staple by itself, adults won’t want to miss a trip backward in time. The Observation Bar was the first-class lounge onboard the ship, and the ship’s elite 1930s guests reclined and imbibed inside its lavish splendor. 

Plan to pay $20.00 ($60.00 if you have an oversized vehicle) for parking. The Observation Bar, accessible via Queens Way, is sure to become a date night favorite. 


The Blind Donkey

Located near the Long Beach waterfront on Linden Avenue, The Blind Donkey is an upscale bar featuring an unmatched whiskey selection and craft cocktails. Their moody atmosphere and unique cocktail slate make The Blind Donkey the perfect date night spot or happy hour watering hole.


The Stache Bar

The Stache Bar on East 4th Street is a go-to for Long Beach locals, especially to enjoy their screwdriver with fresh-squeezed OJ. With art-lined walls and live music, Stache Bar is sure to please.


Unique Things To Do in Long Beach

If you don’t bat an eyelash at the usual attractions, Long Beach, California, has something for you, too.


America’s Skinniest House

Move over, San Francisco: America’s skinniest house is located on Gladys Avenue in Long Beach. Built on a dare, the 860 square foot, 10 foot wide home is still standing in the Rose Park neighborhood. 

While you can only view it from the outside, it’s a testament to Long Beach’s classical architecture. 


Looff’s Lite-A-Line

In one of California’s oldest gaming establishments lies a gaming relic: the Lite-A-Line. Created in 1941 as a gambling game combining the pinball plunger and the random number selection in bingo, Lite-A-Line is far from its final resting place. 

Located just south of East Willow Street, the Looff’s arcade and museum still offer the game to historical enthusiasts and gamblers alike. Each game is $1.00.


Appu’s Cafe

After a successful career in medicine, Vinod Venkataraman opened an Indian-Mexican fusion restaurant on the bottom floor of a medical office building to satisfy a lifelong dream. Open from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday, the restaurant offers unique fusion dishes that satisfy. 

Although it’s located off of Woodruff Avenue, the restaurant doesn’t feature any outdoor signage. To enter, follow signs from the back door leading to the entrance. The scavenger hunt is worth it!


Things To Do in Long Beach, California in December

December is a beautiful time in California, but December in Long Beach offers some unique seasonal attractions. 


Naples Island Holiday Boat Parade

A favorite for adults and kids alike, ring in the holiday season with one of the oldest traditions in Long Beach. The Naples Island Holiday Boat Parade features decorated boats, and the best place to catch a glimpse is along the Naples canals. 


Naples Island Christmas Lights

If twinkling lights are your favorite part of the holiday season, Naples Island has you covered! Explore the waterfront on foot, by car, or take a bus tour to experience the dazzling displays Naples Island has to offer.


New Year’s Eve Night Dive at Aquarium of the Pacific

Night Dive is a recurring, well-loved event in Long Beach at the Aquarium of the Pacific. Featuring DJs and food trucks, their NYE edition is something to behold. Ring in the new year with the aquarium’s vast array of marine life!

Night Dive is 18 and up, and tickets go fast ($24.95 for General Admission and $19.95 for aquarium members). 


What Are You Waiting For?

If you’re considering making Long Beach, California, your new home, don’t miss out on these activities, venues, and attractions when you arrive. Long Beach has something for everyone, whether you’re bringing a spouse and kids along or making the journey solo.

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