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Marina Del Rey, CA is an unincorporated seaside community located within Los Angeles county. This coastal location is more than your typical seaside destination. Instead, this harbor community is comprised mainly of boat homes – making it an excellent option for those looking to have the freedom to come and go with the tides.

The Marina Del Rey housing market is considered only somewhat competitive, with the median home price down approximately 5.2 percent compared to last year. This isn’t your standard family-friendly community. In fact, the average cost of living for this area is around 80 percent higher than the national average – making it an attractive option primarily for the elite.

As a harbor community, very few choose to live here long-term, resulting in a higher number of renters as opposed to homeowners, with a ratio of approximately 89:11. For those docking a houseboat in the marina, it makes for the perfect community when you choose to take a break from the open ocean.

Marina Del Rey Highlights

Unlike other popular parts of California, Marina Del Rey isn’t your typical family community. With the harbor housing approximately 5,000 boats at any given time, those who choose to reside in this area aren’t usually here for the long term. Instead, this area is known for its high-value rental properties, geared more toward those with a much higher income.

The Marina Del Rey area has plenty to do, including highly rated restaurants and lounges, as well as a variety of shopping opportunities for those looking to indulge themselves in a bit of shopping spree. Of course, there are also plenty of ways to enjoy the outdoors, including yacht tours along the Los Angeles Coastline and bike tours along Venice beach! If you’re looking for a wonderful getaway, then the Marina Del Rey area may be the perfect place.

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