The Best Neighborhoods in Los Angeles To Live in 2022

The Best Neighborhoods in Los Angeles To Live in 2021

Los Angeles is no doubt one of the most famous and popular cities in the US. Who can resist L.A.’s alluring charm? It has the best combinations of great weather, beautiful beaches, and inviting communities.

From celebrities, rising stars to those driven to find success, Los Angeles is the go-to place. Are you planning to make that big move? There are several things to consider, but let’s start with the basics.

Check out some of these best neighborhoods in Los Angeles here. You are sure to find one that best suits your lifestyle and needs.

Downtown Los Angeles

Hit the ground running in Downtown Los Angeles or DTLA. You’re sure to find the trendiest and most diverse localities in the heart of LA.

Places like Little Tokyo and Chinatown are right at your doorstep. From small dives that everyone loves to luxurious boutiques, DTLA has it all. Living Downtown is best for those looking for convenience without missing a beat.

In 2019 L.A.’s unemployment rate was only 3.9% – an all-time low showing a robust local economy. It’s perfect for the dynamic young urban professionals or if your 9-5 is right in the central business district of LA.

Playa Del Rey

Can’t get enough of L.A.’s sandy beaches and its laid-back Mediterranean vibe? Consider Playa Del Rey as one of the best neighborhoods to live in Los Angeles. Playa Del Rey is the place to be for those pursuing opportunities with big-name tech industries and start-ups.

Set at the core of Silicon Beach, Playa Del Rey is a gorgeous neighborhood. It appeals to small families, business people, and ambitious singles. Residents get a great view to wind down and relax after a long workday.

Not sure if you want to rent or buy a home? You’re sure to find a comfortable beachside home or a sleek apartment with great views here in Playa Del Rey.

Silver Lake

Escape the mainstream and dive into the hippest neighborhood here in LA. For the trendy, one of the best places to live in Los Angeles County is Silver Lake. Whether you’re into artisanal, vintage, or quirky, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for here in Silver Lake.

Silver Lake has exquisite bungalows and dreamy Spanish-inspired homes. This neighborhood offers a reprieve from the modern-day hustle and bustle. Here, people from all walks of life are sure to find a place to fit in.

If you’re an introvert or love to make spontaneous decisions, Silver Lake is a great place to be.

Hollywood Hills

There is nothing more iconic in L.A. than the Hollywood sign. If you’re chasing that coming-of-age movie vibe, then Hollywood Hills is for you. Many wish to live here for bragging rights alone.

“I live in Hollywood Hills” is a statement in itself. With lavish high-rises and luxury mansions, owning a home here will make you feel like a celebrity. It’s one of the best neighborhoods in Los Angeles to buy a house in.

This stunning hillside area has easy access to multiple parts of the city. Hollywood Hills’ offers diverse choices for both high-brow families and aspiring artists.

Echo Park

Echo Park is a serene and developing suburb north of Downtown Los Angeles. If you’re looking for a neighborhood that’s casual and convenient, then consider Echo Park. This rising L.A. neighborhood is spacious with a good balance of urbanity and charm.

The area is popular with budding professionals and small families. Choose from chic apartments, modern condos, or modest homes. You can look through diverse property selections and find your dream home.

It’s an outstanding balance of commercial and residential with everything you need at arm’s reach.

Los Feliz

L.A. is now America’s cultural and artistic capital, dethroning New York. Do you feel like you need to be where you’re at your creative best? Los Feliz is the best neighborhood for all kinds of creatives and creators.

If you’re looking for a place away from all the mainstream hustle and bustle, visit Los Feliz. This neighborhood is the place to be for peace, quiet, and a slice of old-school Americana. Mom and pop shops are the norm, and it’s also a hub for musicians and actors of all kinds.

Los Feliz’s successful local businesses and aspiring artists capture the American dream. It’s one of the best places to live in Los Angeles County due to its proximity to L.A’s other prominent districts. You have easy access to Hollywood, Downtown, and the Valleys from this neighborhood.


If you’re looking for a life on the coast, Venice is your best bet. It’s popular amongst those looking for the Bohemian feel without leaving Los Angeles. Here, it’s easy to forget how close you are to the central business districts of L.A.

You’ll find Spanish-inspired villas and bungalows and streets teeming with local businesses. Venice is a melting pot of what it means to live in Los Angeles.

Who wouldn’t want to live a stone’s throw away from Venice Boardwalk or Abbot Kinney Boulevard? It’s no wonder why properties in Venice have such high appeal.

Beverly Grove

Los Angeles is famous for its glitz and glamour, and Beverly Grove captures this well. This prominent and upscale neighborhood is a shopping and dining haven. Living the jet-set lifestyle while staying local is what Beverly Grove is all about.

Nestled in the greater Beverly-Fairfax district in West L.A, it’s one of the best neighborhoods in Los Angeles for families. With its welcoming communities, many Angelenos love this area; you’re sure to love it too. Driving to either DTLA or the beach only takes 30 minutes.

Find Top Properties in the Best Neighborhoods in Los Angeles

Be more confident in taking that first step to move – The City of Angels is waiting for you. With all the best neighborhoods in Los Angeles in the palm of your hand, all you’ll need now is the right home. Contact us today and choose from only the best with Fisher Real Estate.

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